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Jonathan Rudy

Peacemaker in Residence, Elizabethtown College Center for Global Understanding and Peacemaking
Jonathan Rudy

In twenty-five plus years of working at peacebuilding and development around the world, Jonathan has observed that there is more at work to transforming destructive conflict than just formulas, models and training packages. Whether through facilitating peacebuilding classes, doing ceasefire monitoring, restorative justice or nonviolent strategizing, he has been inspired by the passions of those persons who have a vision to seek peace.

Seeking solutions through imagination and creativity, Jonathan is a big picture thinker and bases his actions and recommendations on restorative practices. Jonathan has worked in Africa and Asia facilitating strategic peacebuilding and development from a partner and relational orientation through field assignments, leadership postings and regional levels portfolios.

As Peacemaker-in-Residence for Elizabethtown College’s Center for Global Understanding and Peacemaking Jon teaches Peace and Conflict Studies as well as resources the college in peace related co-curricular offerings.