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Kristina Helland Strandby

Senior Adviser on Human Rights Education, Danish Institute for Human Rights
Kristina Helland

Kristina Helland Strandby is an expert in the human rights education field, working to strengthen policies and practices in formal education for teaching children and professionals (state authorities) human rights standards, principles, norms and values.

She is active in the development of human rights education (HRE) indicators for measuring progress on SDG Goal 4.7 and the World Programme for Human Rights Education (WPPHRE), where she is leading the project from DIHR in collaboration with OHCHR. Moreover, she has been active in mapping the status of the extent and quality of HRE in a range of Danish education programs aimed at professionals working with children and vulnerable groups, teacher education, pedagogic education, social worker education and police education.          

She has solid experience with developing HRE learning materials, teaching and facilitating workshops at DIHR. She was formerly an external lecturer at Copenhagen Business School, Associate Professor in Social Science at University Colleges Capital, and consultant at UiWE Culture Design Agency with focus on human centered design in urban development projects.

Kristina holds an MSSc in Political Communication and Management, Copenhagen Business School and a diploma in Sociology and Business Studies, London Metropolitan University.