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Luis Crouch

Vice President and Chief Technical Officer, RTI International

Luis Crouch is the Chief Technical Offìcer of RTI's International Development Group since 2013, going back to the organization after a 3-year hiatus during which he led the Global Good Practices team at the Global Partnership for Education.

Luis is an education economist (agricultural economist by training, PhD Berkeley 1981--education being a post-PhD interest). He has specialized in policy, decentralized finance (e.g., funding formulas) and decentralization, political economy of reform, education statistics and projections. More recently he has become interested in pedagogical and measurement issues in order to better understand the ʺsupply sideʺ of how education systems respond (or not) to incentives, an area he feels is neglected. He has worked closely with governments advising on reform processes, including South Africa's funding reforms and more recently Egypt's decentralization reforms. He has worked on or studied some 20 countries in all regions of the world, but with a focus on Latin America, Southern and Eastern Africa, and Indonesia.