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Leroy Phillips

GPE youth advocate
Leroy Phillips. Credit: Ashraf Dabie

A native of Guyana, L​eroy Phillips is the president of the Georgetown chapter of Young Voices. He works with schools and the Ministry of Education in Guyana to improve education for children with disabilities, including through the development of plans for accessible schools and curriculum.

Leroy is a radio producer for the National Communication Network, regularly using this platform to promote the inclusion of persons with disabilities and empower them. In addition to being a GPE youth advocate, Leroy was appointed as Global Youth Ambassador for A World at School. He was also a keynote speaker during the 2014 Global Partnership for Education Replenishment Conference.

Leroy plays blind cricket and was selected to play on the West Indies blind cricket team in 2014 in South Africa; he has represented the region in India early January 2017 for the T20 World-cup and is expected to repeat the same role again in Dubai in January 2018 for the West Indies blind team.

Leroy is a volunteer at the National Commission on Disability (NCD), tasked with informing government and non-governmental organizations on disability rights in Guyana. Leroy is currently pursuing a degree in the field of communications at the University of Guyana and was recently selected as one of the 2015 Queen's Young Leaders Award winners.