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Megha Kashyap

GPE youth advocate
Megha Kashyap. Credit: Amab Thokder

Megha has a post graduate degree in social Work from the Tata Institute of Social Sciences, India, specializing in community organization and development practices. She is also a Linnaeus Palme Fellow from Lund University, Sweden. In addition to being a GPE youth advocate, she is currently working as a Programme Coordinator - Gender Justice for Oxfam India.

Prior to this, she led a program with the government of Sikkim (a state in northern India) in 70 government schools on an innovative peer education model to combat drug abuse issues among school-age children. Megha also worked with a child protection non-governmental organization on cases related to child labor and child sexual abuse in India. Through this engagement, she has gathered extensive knowledge about intersectional issues in child rights.

Megha also founded a non-formal education center and has over 5 years of experience on gender in the development sector. She has previously worked as a Project Associate on a UN Women project with North East Network, a feminist organization in India to analyze budget allocations made by the government toward women in health, education and livelihoods, and organized awareness camps on reproductive health and hygiene for women.