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Mohamed Sidibay

Peace activist
Mohamed Sidibay

Mohamed Sidibay grew up in Sierra Leone during the civil war. He has been orphaned, uneducated, homeless, and raped. At age 5, he witnessed his entire family being murdered and was forced to become a child soldier. At 10, he became homeless and he could neither read nor write. In 2007, at 14, Mohamed ran away from JFK airport in New York in search of peace, education, and life in a community that wouldn’t judge him on the atrocities of his past, but rather help him to achieve his future aspirations. He now dedicates his life to ensuring educational access to all children regardless of where they were born.

At 24 years old, Mohamed has emerged as a leader in the human rights field. Mohamed’s lectures on the power of education have spanned five continents. A 2015 graduate of The George Washington University Elliot School of International Affairs, Mohamed speaks four languages and spends most of his time traveling and speaking on the importance of education and the danger of a mind kept in captivity.