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Ntoi Rapapa

Minister of Education and Training, Lesotho
Ntoi Rapapa

Professor Ntoi Rapapa is the Minister of Education and Training. He was elected as the Deputy Minister following his election as a Member of Senate after the 3rd June 2017 slap elections.

Professor Rapapa holds a Ph.D. (Physics) from the University of Manchester (United Kingdom) 1996 -1999.  In 1994-1995 he obtained Advanced Post Graduate Diploma (Physics) from the International Centre of Theoretical Physics (Italy). He graduated at the National University of Lesotho for Bachelor of Science (Physics and Mathematics) 1989 -1993.

Hounarable Rapapa worked as the Chief Executive Officer for the Lesotho Electricity and Water Authority (LEWA) since 01 October 2010 – 30 September 2016.  He also worked at the National University of Lesotho as an Associate Professor since 2009 – 2010.  In 2004 – 2009 he was a Senior Lecturer at the same Institution, while in 1999 – 2004 he was a lecturer and an Assistant Lecturer in 1995 – 1996. He was a Teaching Assistant in 1993 - 1994 at the University of Manchester Tutorial Assistant in 1997 – 1999.