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Victoria Egbetayo

Advocacy and Partnerships Officer, Global Partnership for Education

Victoria Egbetayo is an Advocacy and Partnership Officer at the Global Partnership for Education, within the Southern Partnerships and External Relations Team, which leads GPE’s southern partnerships, advocacy, collaboration and engagement with developing country partners, southern CSOs and regional organizations at the global level. As a Planner and development practitioner she has over 10 years’ professional experience in international development, which includes a focus on socio-economic development policy (regional integration, trade, development finance, partnerships, private sector development and environmental management). Prior to joining the GPE, Victoria worked with amongst others, the African Union where she led the development of economic integration policy frameworks, and managed partnerships with the European Commission, UNDP, World Bank, United Nations Economic Commission for Africa (UNECA), the NEPAD Agency and OECD. She has also worked as a Senior Spatial Development Planner at municipal level. Victoria has strong field experience and cross sectoral focus with a professional background that spans national, regional and international levels. She holds a Master degree (with Distinction) in Development Administration and Planning from the University College London (UCL) and pursues a Masters in Business Administration (MBA).