Republic of Korea

View the Republic of Korea’s priority areas for development cooperation in education along with its contributions to the GPE Fund.

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Aid to education

Under the oversight of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA), KOICA, Korea’s International Cooperation Agency, administers the Korean government’s grant aid and technical cooperation programs.

In the 2016-2020 education mid-term strategy, KOICA outlines the major priorities for development cooperation in the sector:

  • Quality education for learning achievement
  • Inclusive education for disadvantaged groups
  • Skills and technology for work

In 2017, the top recipients of basic education ODA disbursement were: Nigeria, Iraq, Jordan, Mongolia, Philippines.

Republic of Korea and GPE

Korea hosted the Spring 2015 Board Meeting in Seoul. This was immediately following the World Education Forum held in Incheon, when the 2015 Incheon Declaration and Framework for Action, outlining the targets and means of implementation for achieving SDG 4 were formally launched.

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Last updated February 05, 2020