Private sector

The Global Partnership for Education engages with the private sector as it recognizes that the business community has the specialized expertise, resources and networks to tackle some of the most urgent problems facing education systems in developing countries.

GPE is committed to working with the business community to address these challenges and build stronger education systems in partner countries.

Working with a shared value proposition, GPE aims to leverage the knowledge assets, capabilities, and advocacy potential of corporate partners and private philanthropy to accelerate progress on common education goals.

GPE is aided in this work by its financing and funding framework that facilitates investment by new public and private partners and the targeting of financing toward knowledge and innovation.

How GPE works with the private sector

GPE aims to improve equitable access to education, better learning outcomes and support more efficient education systems in partnership with the business community as follows:

  • Leverage the private sector's technical expertise and resources
  • Tap into the advocacy power of the business community to increase understanding of, and support for, the work of GPE at global and national levels
  • Deepen the business community's involvement in education planning and policy dialogue at national and global levels
  • Secure new and additional financing for GPE from companies and private organizations.

GPE works closely with networks and associations such as the Global Business Coalition for Education and the UN Global Compact to support the business community's involvement in the education sector.

The relationship with private sector partners is governed by:

  • The GPE Charter: highlights the unique and complementary role that the private sector can play in advocacy, policy dialogue and education planning process in partner countries.
  • Corporate Engagement Principles: These principles suggest a number of possible roles for the business community at global and national levels and support transparency and accountability for all engaged in partnerships with developing country governments.
  • Avoiding Conflicts of Interest: Guidelines for Business Engagement: These guidelines set out additional clarifying notes on potential conflicts of interest in relation to business engagement within GPE.