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3 ways to increase classroom participation

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Fidèle is a fifth grade teacher in Antananarivo, Madagascar. Recently, she and other community school teachers attended a training course where they were taught many new skills to improve the learning environment in schools. In this video, Fidèle demonstrates three techniques she uses to increase students’ participation in the classroom.

  1. Start the day with an interactive revision of yesterday’s lesson to get the students energized and ready for the school day.
  2. Use a baton as a timer for learning exercises to teach students how to manage their time.
  3. Encourage all students to participate by clapping their hands when somebody gives the right answer.

The current GPE program implementation grant of US$85.4 million supports a program in Madagascar to increase access to primary education and improve teacher quality and the learning environment. The project has three components:

Facilitate access to and retention in primary schools by reducing the cost of schooling for families through subsidies for teacher salaries and children’s school kits.

Support the learning process by improving the teaching and learning environment through teacher and school director training, school grants in vulnerable regions, school infrastructure improvements, and school feeding.

Strengthen the foundations of the primary education system through rebuilding stakeholders’ capacity, improving community participation, and social accountability.

Sub-Saharan Africa: Madagascar

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Information request

Dear Team of the GPE,

It's really interesting to see how "simple" habits can lead positive change. How could a school (teacher) located in the rural area of Antananarivo benefit from the program, for example by having training sessions for the teachers?

Best regards,

re: information request

We are glad you found the video interesting and liked the simple techniques Fidèle uses in class to improve children’s participation and learning. While implementation of these activities continues, a new program is under preparation with additional GPE funding, which will pursue similar support to the government so as to afford such opportunities to many more teachers.

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