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65 new online profiles for GPE partner countries

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a child looks from a doorway in Benin. Credit: World Bank/Arne Hoel

The image above welcome visitors to the Benin profile on the GPE website.

Highlighting partner developing countries and GPE’s work in these countries, we launched 65 new country profiles using a brand new look and design.

Access country pages

Full-width, easy-to-scroll pages are fully responsive to the user’s device.

The pages provide details of the education sector strategy of each partner country, the allocations and disbursements of GPE grants, data on nine key indicators about access, completion and financing, specifics on what GPE supports and results achieved.

You will also find quick links to the ministry of education website, key education documents, and the latest news, blogs or stories about the country.

Please have a look through the pages and let us know what you think.

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Food must be given with basic education for indigenous children

In Bangladesh children of indigenous people must be given food with basic education for most of them are the victim of hunger, poverty, violence, oppression, land grabbing and series killing from 1947 after the partition of British India that generated communal intolerance.

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