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Financing for learning: 3 key takeaways

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Yesterday, GPE Board Chair Julia Gillard, joined Gordon Brown of the Education Commission, Anthony Lake of UNICEF, and the former President of Tanzania Jakaya Kikwete, at the Center for Global Development to launch the GPE Replenishment 2020 Case for Investment and discuss how to address the financing gap that is keeping 263 million children and youth out of school.

All of the speakers, each invited to represent a key answer to the problem: GPE, the proposed International Financing Facility for Education (IFFed), Education Cannot Wait, and national governments, called attention to the need for complementary and innovative financing solutions. 

Here are 3 more messages that resonated with everyone in the room, and those that tuned in online.

1. The world is facing a learning crisis and business as usual is not enough

2. Systems, systems, systems

3. The more (aligned) support the better

For more information on the education financing mechanisms discussed today, and how they can work together see here.

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Financing Education

Global Financing for Education is at risk. The call for more funding is confronted by growing skepticism about a global approach or response to improving education, especially for poor communities and lower middle income countries across the world. These countries and their communities have demonstrated commitment to expanding education opportunities by increasing their national contributions to enable more chances for their citizenry. Yet they are challenged by inadequate resources and competing choices.
Education cannot be taken for granted and strengthening formal education systems can significantly improve the new and growing urge for knowledge globally. I share Tony Baker's position that we need to let Education Happen by putting funds into it. This can be achieved through a joint effort and the stance of the Global Partnership for Education (GPE) is very much strengthened by the Education Commission's conclusions on the need for concerted global financing for education. If there is a commitment to make Education work, all other challenges in health, economy and social development will be addressed. Reforms in Education systems can only happen with increased financing for the required changes to take effect. Lets Act NOW!!

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