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Education Challenges

Much progress has been made, but many challenges remain to ensure all children can go to school and learn. Below is an overview of some of these challenges.
264 million
children and youth
are out of school
for the school year ending in 2015
A girl reads in a primary school in Madagascar. Credit: UNICEF Madagascar/2014/Ramasomanana
Only 2.7%
of humanitarian aid
was invested in education
in 2016
11-year-old boy weaves water bottles to make a little money, Liberia. Credit: GPE/ Kelley Lynch
of the world's
out-of-school children
or primary school age
live in conflict-affected
countries, up from 30%
in 1999
A girl looks at the camera. She attends the Guardabarranco School in Acoyapa, Nicaragua, which was recently rehabilitated thanks to GPE funding. Credit: GPE/Carolina Valenzuela
US$39 billion
annual financing gap
to achieve quality pre-primary,
primary and secondary
education for all in low and lower
middle income countries by 2030
62 million
between the ages of 6
and 14 are out of
school around the
US$1.25 a day
per child
in developing
countries to provide a
full education cycle
Girls at Ayno Meena Number Two school in the city of Kandahar, Afghanistan, which was built in late 2008 with support from the World Bank. Credit: GPE/Jawad Jalali
69 million
school teachers
are required to provide
every child with primary and secondary
education by 2030
Children sitting down outside of their school in Burundi. Credit: UNICEF Burundi/Krzysiek
4 out of 10
out-of-school children
will never enter a
A boy reads at the blackboard in Chad. Credit: Educate a Child
250 million
either don't make it to grade
4 or don't learn the basics in
reading, writing and math
even after four years of
Children after lunch in a primary school in Lao PDR. Credit: GPE/Stephan Bachenheimer
An estimated 90%
of children with disabilities
in the developing world do
not go to school
Gaurav Shrestha is a class teacher of Class 2A at Adarsha Saula Yubak Higher Secondary School, Bhainsipati. He teaches an intergrated class that includes children with disabilities. Credit: GPE/NayanTara Gurung Kakshapati
1 in 4
young people
in low and lower-middle income countries
is illiterate
A primary school in Cameroon. Credit: GPE/Stephan Bachenheimer
of out-of-school
of primary school age
live in sub-Saharan