Statement by Alice Albright on the drought in Somalia | Global Partnership for Education

Statement by Alice Albright on the drought in Somalia

 Awoman holds her young malnourished baby in line for food at the Badbado camp for internally displaced persons. Somalia. Credit: UN Photo/Stuart Price

It is with great concern that I note the extreme drought in Somalia, which has led to a serious food security crisis that could easily turn into a famine.

The situation has also triggered an education crisis as children are dropping out of school due to displacement and negative coping mechanisms, such as being enlisted to search for water. Ensuring that children stay in school and supporting those who are out of school is critical to sustain the gains made in the education of Somalia’s children in recent years. 

We recall that during the 2011 famine in Somalia an estimated 90 percent of the children who dropped out of school never returned. Furthermore, we learnt from the 2011 famine that many child deaths at the time could have been prevented if children had had access to life-saving services at safe and protected schools. 

The Global Partnership for Education has reached out to the Somali regional governments and development partners offering accelerated support to ensure that schools are open and education can continue. 

We urge all donors to ensure that sufficient funding for life-saving support is available for the people of Somalia including for education, and that it is delivered through schools, where possible.

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