Tell the World What You've Achieved #BecauseOfSchool

School is something many of us take for granted. A good education gave us a fair start in life; it opened up doors and created opportunities to help us achieve our dreams. Without school, we wouldn't be who we are today.  Whether it was the start of a lifelong passion, a career or even a best friend, we have all benefited from the most basic opportunities that education provides.

Tell the world what you've achieved #BecauseOfSchool, what your education gave you or how it helped you become who you are today.


1 in 10 children worldwide still go through life without an education. That’s 58 million children between the ages of 6 and 11 who are denied an education despite the world's promise to put every child in school by 2015. More than half of these children are girls.

Despite significant gains since 2000, progress stalled in 2010 when aid to education declined and we are now on the verge of breaking the promise we made to children at the dawn of the century. We could lift 171 million people out of poverty if governments invested in getting all students in low-income countries to acquire basic reading skills. The world can’t afford not to make this investment.

Over 2 million people voted a good education as their number one priority in the United Nations MYWorld survey.  It's time to remind the world why it's important to invest in the one thing that citizens want most.

Days of Action

From Friday August 1st to Tuesday August 5th you have a chance to win free tickets to the Global Citizen Festival by taking part in the Day of Action in support of global education.

All you have to do is two things:

  1. Upload a photo of yourself in school onto Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram
  2. Use the hashtag #BecauseOfSchool to show your support for global education

Anyone who participates will automatically be entered to win one of 5 pairs of #GlobalCitizenFestival tickets!

Because Of School...