20 Best Blog Posts of 2013

Selection of the top 20 blog posts of 2013

a teacher and a student at the blackboard in Rwanda. Credit: GPE/Tara O'Connell

In an effort to highlight the importance of education and the diversity of our partnership, the Global Partnership for Education produces 3-5 blog posts every week highlighting education trends and crucial education topics.The following list showcases the top 20 most read blog posts of 2013. Have a look at how much education helps to get a better job, why education is the most important preventive measure against child marriage and what education looks like in refugee camps.We would like to take this opportunity to thank all of our blog contributors and wish everyone a happy and healthy New Year 2014 with a continued focus on education.Please also connect with us via Facebook and Twitter.

by Will Paxton, Save the Children UK
India's 'Right to Education Act': Struggling for Impact?

There has been improvement in Indian education, but overall progress so far has not been good. There is large disagreement on how many Indian kids remain out of school (estimates range from 2.7 to 24 million children).

by Chernor Bah, Global Education First Initiative
Young People Have a Dream for Education - We Can't Wait Anymore

Young people are key players in working towards the Millenium Development Goals and to advocate for education rights for all. All of us must work together to provide opportunities for everyone to receive a good quality education.

by Luis Crouch, GPE Secretariat EdBits
How Do We Know How Many Children Are Not Learning?

Education expert Luis Crouch explains how to quantify the number of children that are in school but not learning.

by Mary Burns, Education Development Center
If We 'Text' It, Will They Learn?

Mobile phones have become an important tool for teacher professional development, allowing teachers to reach more students and adult learners.

by Andreas Schleicher, OECD
How Much Education Helps to Get a Better Job?

New OECD report on education in developed countries shows that the economic crisis has amplified the value of a good education.

by Dzingai Mutumbuka and Maribel Soliván
Learning Must Happen by Design

An estimated 130 million children around the world are in school but are failing to learn the basic skills they will need to succeed in the future. The Learning Metrics Task Force came together to address how to measure whether children are learning at appropriate levels.

by Deepa Srikantaiah, GPE Secretariat EdBits
Why Invest in Pre-School Math Education?

In the 7th lesson of our Edbits series, we describe how a child's core numeracy skills, developed during basic education, will impact their future academic success.

by Alice Albright, GPE Secretariat
Innovating to Learn in a Changing World

At the 2013 WISE Summit, leaders from over 100 countries discussed how to reinvent education so that it can be more inclusive and valuable for students worldwide.

#9 Youth Leading the Call for Global Education
by Lauren Greubel, GPE Secretariat
by Antoni Verger, Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona
Education for All: What Difference Can Civil Society Make?

Civil society involvement supports aid effectiveness, makes policy processes more democratic and positively impacts the national education debate.

by Caroline Schmidt, German BACKUP Initiative - Education Africa
Education in the Second Largest Refugee Camp in the World

Syrian children living in Za'atari, the largest refugee camp in Jordan, struggle to continue their education.

by Morgan & Shannon O'Shea UNICEF

Investing in quality education has both immediate and intergenerational benefits and is key to sustainable development.

by Fred van Leeuwen, Education International
Education International Mobilizing Campaign for Quality Education

Education International works to create quality education through teacher training, providing educational tools and resources and raising awareness about the role of education in the development of society.

#14 The Economic Effect of Exclusion from Education
by Milan Thomas, Results for Development Institute
by Koli Banik, GPE Secretariat
Education Is the Single Most Important Preventative Measure Against Child Marriage

An interview with Francoise Kpeglo Moudouthe, Africa Regional Officer of Girls Not Brides, which works towards ending child marriage.

by Katelyn Donnelly, Pearson
Keeping Digital Innovation Alive in Schools

Digital technology can transform education but only when managed correctly so that students truly engage with the resources they are using.

#17 7 Things to Remember on Universal Children's Day
by Livia Barton, GPE Secretariat
by Hugh Evans, Global Poverty Project
Education - A Better Way for Donors to Give Foreign Aid

This year, the Global Poverty Project is delighted to be staging the Global Citizen Festival in support of the important work of the Global Partnership for Education.

by Cornelia Janke, Education Development Center
South Sudan: Where are all the Teachers?

As student enrollment increases in South Sudan, more teachers are needed to address education challenges.

by Jo Bourne, UNICEF
Children With Disabilities = Children Without Disabilities

UNICEF's 2013 State of the World's Children Report shows that children with disabilities are significantly less likely to be in school than their peers without disabilities.


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