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GPE partners with Associated Press to create compelling content on the most pressing education challenges and how GPE helps countries address them.



Regional meeting of Latin America and Caribbean partner countries. 2024

GPE is convening the partner countries from the Latin America and Caribbean constituency in Barbados on March 5-7, 2024.


GPE at CIES 2024

Multiple events that will be showcasing the efforts of GPE, KIX and their partners to accelerate the generation and uptake of evidence and innovation in the education sector, strengthening education systems in lower-income countries.


GPE KIX at CIES 2024

KIX’s presence at the CIES conference will provide an opportunity for education stakeholders to engage with and learn from KIX and its partners’ experience and insights on overcoming challenges such as knowledge gaps, limited access to evidence, and weak systems across multiple educational themes

GPE KIX EMAP Workshop: Cross-national dashboards for accountability for gender equality in education

This online workshop explores the role of data in accountability for gender equality in education, through the work of the AGEE project, which has been running since 2018.

This webinar will present real-world examples of innovations in countries like Pakistan, Maldives and Bangladesh.


COVID-19 responses: Supporting learning, equity and resilience to future disruptions

This two-day virtual learning event aims to socialize findings of the evaluation of GPE’s support to COVID-19 responses, engaging country and global stakeholders in a dialogue on the key lessons learned during pandemic response and recovery.

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