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The GPE brand

The GPE brand encompasses the unique values and principles that guide GPE’s work to mobilize transformative partnerships and investments so that education systems in lower-income countries leave no one behind.

The “Transforming Education” tagline positions GPE as an inspiring and pivotal leader in the global educational landscape, uniting all actors committed to providing quality education for every girl and boy.

The GPE logo is designed around the acronym GPE, embracing its common use in today’s verbal and written communications. The logo represents the concept of transformation and symbolizes the path towards progress for equitable and quality education for all.The green arrow is the distinctive symbol running throughout all GPE visuals to consistently communicate the persistent movement forward towards providing a quality education to every child.

The primary colors chosen combine for a unique, contemporary and distinctive color scheme. The GPE blue represents trust, strength and knowledge. The GPE green conveys growth, energy and hope.

Education Out Loud logo

GPE KIX logo

Protocol for communications related to GPE grants

The protocol explains how GPE partners, in particular grant agents, should communicate about GPE-funded programs in partner countries and how the GPE Secretariat can support these activities.

The protocol covers new grant announcements, grant signing, media engagement, publications, videos and items procured with GPE funds.

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Terms of use

Using the GPE logo requires written consent from the GPE Secretariat. To request permission, send an email explaining the proposed use to the GPE communications team, subject “GPE logo”.

We appreciate that GPE partners give visibility to the partnership, and most requests are granted quickly. We will ask you to share with us the final product (publication, banner, poster, etc.) with the GPE logo (electronic format is sufficient).

It is not permitted to use GPE logos and/or other content, for illegal, inappropriate, or obscene purposes, or in support of such activities.

The configurations of logo and wordmark on this page demonstrate the options that can be used. The orientation of text and logo should not be altered in any way. For more detailed information please view the style guide.