Financial reporting

GPE receives financial contributions from donors, allocates grants to partners, and reports transparently on its finances.

Donor contributions

Since 2003, 29 donors have contributed US$6.5 billion to the GPE fund.

View the details of donor contributions (includes pledges and payments for the 2018-2020 replenishment)

Share of cumulative contributions by donor
2003 to June 2020

The following donors contribute less than 2%:

Ireland 1.63%
Belgium 1.53%
Switzerland 1.36%
Italy 0.87%
United Arab Emirates 0.51%
Japan 0.47%
Russia 0.24%
Luxembourg 0.14%
Children's Investment Fund Foundation (CIFF) 0.12%
Finland 0.12%
Republic of Korea 0.07%
Stichtung Benevolentia (Porticus) 0.03%
Dubai Cares 0.03%
Open Society Foundation 0.02%
Romania 0.01%
Rockefeller Foundation 0.01%

Note: the percentages in this graph show donor contributions signed into agreement and received. Pledges not yet signed into an agreement are not included.

Implementation grant allocations and disbursements

Since 2003, GPE has provided US$5.8 billion in implementation grants to 64 partner countries. US$4.5 billion has been disbursed as of June 2020.

Total cumulative implementation grant allocations and disbursements by year

Partner countries in sub-Saharan Africa have received the largest share of implementation grants, with total allocations of US$4.2 billion. South Asian countries represent the second largest share of implementation grants, with US$558 million.

Total cumulative implementation grant allocations by region

The World Bank oversees the largest portfolio of GPE implementation grants. UNICEF has the second largest portfolio of grants.

Total cumulative allocations by grant agent

The top three partner countries for allocations and disbursements are Ethiopia, Madagascar and Mozambique.

Total cumulative implementation grant allocations and disbursements by country

Transparency in financial reporting

GPE adheres to the highest standards of transparency with regards to its governance, policies, financing and program funding.

GPE reports its grant allocations and disbursements, disaggregated by level of education, to the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD). The OECD is using GPE data to pilot a new initiative called Total Official Support for Sustainable Development (TOSSD).

GPE also publishes grant data compliant with the standards of the International Aid Transparency Initiative (IATI) registry.

View GPE data in the IATI registry

Financial reports

GPE publishes annual financial reports as mandated by the rules of the GPE fund. Some reporting are prepared by the World Bank, as Trustee of the GPE Trust Fund.