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The Technical Cooperation Group on SDG 4 meets this week in Mexico City to come to agreement on the most practical approaches to measure education progress.
Meet Regine, a parent peer educator in Burundi, whose job is to raise awareness among parents of children with disabilities about their right to education.
GPE co-organized and participated in the 19th International Conference on Education Research in Seoul, Korea, and presented its ongoing work to ensure that civil society’s voice is being heard and it can play its role well in the education sector.
Celebrate with us the World Science Day for Peace and Development
The All-Africa Students’ Union supports the goals of the 100 Million campaign and will participate in the week of global action to promote the education rights of all children around the world.
With GPE’s support, children in disadvantaged areas of Guyana are building the foundation for better learning.
The 5th meeting of the Global Alliance to Monitor Learning last month in Hamburg was expanded from previous meetings to include a large group of developing countries, who were able to contribute their experience and concerns as the work continues to develop the SDG 4 indicators and the associated data.
Despite compelling evidence of the benefits that investing in girls’ education brings, funding continues to fall short. The meeting of the G20 leaders next month, is an opportunity to make a concerted effort to see every girl complete 12 years of quality education.
On the occasion of Africa Youth Day, we highlight the efforts of African youth advocates and activists promoting quality education for all. We are grateful them for their activism to keep education high on the national, regional and global development agenda.