About GPE

GPE is the largest global fund solely dedicated to transforming education in lower-income countries, and a unique, multi-stakeholder partnership. We work to deliver quality education so that every girl and boy can have hope, opportunity and agency.

For nearly two decades, the Global Partnership for Education has been delivering funds and supporting solutions to build strong and resilient education systems so that more children in lower-income countries, especially girls, get the education they need to thrive and contribute to building a more prosperous and sustainable world.

We bring together lower-income countries, donors, international organizations, civil society, including youth and teacher organizations, the private sector and private foundations to transform education systems so that all girls and boys, especially those who are marginalized by poverty, displacement or disability, can get a quality education.

We support the countries with the greatest need: those with high numbers of out-of-school children and weak school completion rates. We focus on reaching the children who are most marginalized and vulnerable, including girls, children with disabilities and those who live in countries characterized by extreme poverty or conflict.

Our unique model has helped partner countries make significant progress in improving access, learning and equity, and achieve better outcomes for hundreds of millions of boys and girls.

What we do

Our vision

A quality education for every child

Our mission

To mobilize partnerships and investments that transform education systems in lower-income countries, leaving no one behind


Our goal

To accelerate access, learning outcomes and gender equality through equitable, inclusive and resilient education systems fit for the 21st century

Transforming education is about creating impact at scale so that every child receives a quality education. GPE helps governments make systemic changes to deliver education for the most marginalized children, raise learning levels, withstand shocks and adapt to new challenges.

As a partnership and a fund, GPE brings together a unique set of assets, tools and resources to accelerate transformative change.

To create lasting change, we convene partners behind lower-income country leadership and support governments to advance teaching and learning for the 21st century, mobilize more and better financing, and scale solutions for the world’s poorest and hardest-to-reach girls and boys.

How we work


The GPE Charter enumerates 8 principles for the partnership:

  • Education as a public good, a human right and an enabler of other rights
  • Focusing our resources on securing learning, equity and inclusion for the most marginalized children and youth, including those affected by fragility and conflict
  • Achieving gender equality
  • Enabling inclusive, evidence-based policy dialogue that engages national governments, donors, civil society, teachers, philanthropy and the private sector
  • Providing support that promotes country ownership and nationally identified priorities, and is linked to country performance in achieving improved equity and learning
  • Improving development effectiveness by harmonizing and aligning aid to country systems
  • Promoting mutual accountability and transparency across the partnership
  • Acting on our belief that inclusive partnership is the most effective means of achieving development results

Building an effective partnership


The GPE partnership

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Lower-income countries

GPE works with 76 lower-income countries to help them build stronger, more effective education systems, and improve the volume, equity, and efficiency of domestic resources.

Partner countries join the partnership after developing a comprehensive education sector plan, endorsed by their partners. To receive GPE’s large-scale grants, governments must commit significant domestic funding to education.

Partner countries


Donors provide financial and technical assistance to help partner countries as they design and implement their education strategies.

Donors play a pivotal role in the coordination of partners in local education groups, and in the elaboration and monitoring of education strategies and programs.

Donors contribute funding to education on a bilateral basis and through the GPE Fund, and may act as GPE grant agents.

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Civil society

Civil society organizations (CSOs) help shape education policies, monitor programs and hold governments accountable for their duty to fulfill the right to education.

GPE works with CSO networks such as the Global Campaign for Education and Education International that help facilitate collaboration among organizations and strengthen national and global linkages.

GPE supports CSOs to be active members of local education groups, where they make meaningful contributions to policy discussions and education planning.

In the CSO constituency, GPE also works with youth advocates and networks to shape and influence education policies.

How we support CSOs

Multilateral organizations

Multilateral organizations play a pivotal role in implementing education programs, supervising the implementation of GPE grants and the disbursement of funds.

They include development banks, such as the World Bank, African Development Bank, Asian Development Bank, and Islamic Development Bank; and UN agencies, such as UNICEF, UNESCO and its institutes, UNHCR and the World Food Programme.

Multilateral organizations provide an unparalleled source of knowledge and expertise to help GPE achieve its objectives and monitor its impact. The World Bank is the host of the GPE Secretariat and acts as trustee for its fund.

Private sector

The business community has the specialized expertise, resources and networks to tackle some of the most urgent problems facing education systems in lower-income countries.

In line with our country ownership principle, GPE leverages the knowledge, skills and advocacy potential of corporate partners to accelerate progress on education goals, ensuring benefits for both lower-income countries and business partners.

GPE works with the Global Business Coalition for Education and other networks and associations to support the business community's involvement in the education sector.

Our work with the private sector

Private foundations

Philanthropic foundations provide a unique blend of strategic, technical and financial support for innovations leading to better education results in lower-income countries.

GPE works with philanthropic foundations to leverage their technical expertise and networks, catalyze advocacy and accountability, and crowd-in financing that leads to innovative and sustainable responses to education challenges.

GPE works with the Children’s Investment Fund Foundation (CIFF), Comic Relief, Dubai Cares, Conrad Hilton Foundation, Open Society Foundations, Porticus, and the Rockefeller Foundation.

Our work with foundations

Our strategy

GPE 2025 is the partnership’s strategic plan for 2021 to 2025. The strategy provides a platform to bring together GPE’s unique assets and ways of working in support of ambitious education transformation in the most vulnerable countries.

GPE 2025 is aligned and directly addresses SDG 4. Over the next 5 years, GPE will accelerate children’s access to education while improving learning and catalyzing greater equity and gender equality.

GPE will pursue its vision, mission and goal through 4 objectives that support education transformation at scale – 3 country-level objectives and 1 enabling objective.

GPE 2025