Innovative financing

GPE works to scale up financing for education through innovative instruments, helping partner countries get more children in school and learning.


US$2 billion
in additional financing for education mobilized through the GPE Multiplier
US$500 million
mobilized through ACG SmartEd ($100 million from GPE and $400 from IsDB)

GPE in action

GPE Multiplier

The GPE Multiplier provides an incentive and financial resources to bring in more and better investments in education.  This innovative financing instrument works alongside external financing across a range of cofinancing options. All GPE-eligible countries are able to access a Multiplier grant under the 2021-2025 strategic plan. Each dollar from the GPE Multiplier can be mobilized by $3 or more from multilateral banks, bilateral donors or non-traditional donors.

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Girls' Education Accelerator

The Girls' Education Accelerator is a $250 million fund to support projects in 30 GPE partner countries where girls are lagging furthest behind boys in access to school, have the highest rates of early marriage, or both. These additional resources increase the potential for focusing on gender equality in these countries.

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GPE Match

The GPE Match is a dollar-for-dollar matching mechanism that incentivizes new or expanded contributions from the business community and private foundations by doubling the impact of their investments in education, whether in cash or in-kind. GPE Match grants can be triggered through the GPE Multiplier or through the Girls' Education Accelerator.

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Debt2Ed transforms a partner country's debt repayment into new investments in education. Debt treatments can work either as a debt swap or as a loan buy-down. The Deb2Ed transaction unlocks additional funding from the GPE Multiplier, which increases the resources available for education in the partner country.

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SmartEd was developed by GPE and the Arab Coordination Group (ACG) to dramatically scale up education financing in the 37 member countries of the Islamic Development Bank (IsDB) - representing more than one-third of GPE partner countries. SmartEd integrates $400 million from the IsDB and $100 million from the GPE Multiplier.

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