In Cox's Bazar, education is needed to prevent a lost generation

GPE CEO Alice Albright visited Cox's Bazar, Bangladesh, in September and met with government officials and development partners to understand the situation of Rohingya and host communities. Watch this video to understand the scale of the situation and why education is key to prevent a lost generation.

October 22, 2019 by GPE Secretariat
1 minute read
Alice Albright visits a learning center in Cox's Bazar, Bangladesh. Credit: GPE/Stephan Bachenheimer

One million people. Half a million children and youth in need of education support. 34 camps in Cox's Bazar.

The scale of the crisis for the Rohingya who fled Myanmar in 2017 and the host communities in Cox's Bazar is enormous. Thankfully, many partners have stepped up and are actively supporting the Government of Bangladesh in responding to the crisis, including by providing education services. But more needs to be done, in particular to ensure that youth aged 15 to 18 have access to education services and are not left behind.

Watch a video about the visit by GPE CEO Alice Albright to Cox's Bazar last September and read Alice's blog on her visit to Bangladesh.

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Hi Alice, thanks for a good read. I am studying an MA in Educational Innovation, Technology and Entrepreneurship with the aim of building solutions for refugees that are scalable. I am also a Peace Fellow at Duke University. I am hoping to do my internship at Cox Bazar and thought you might have people you could link me with who might be interested to build educational tools or have someone assist.
I am a Global Peace Scholar which is very competitive program to be awarded without recommendations and hard work. I am happy to provide any info needed and am also open to a chat.

In reply to by Bronwyn Manley

Hi Bronwyn, this is Chantal at the GPE Secretariat. Thank you for your comment.  As GPE supports partners in developing countries, but is not an implementer itself, I suggest you get in touch with organizations that would best be suited to help you out. For example UNICEF or Save the Children have both large presences in Cox's Bazar.  Good luck to you.

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