Education Can Break the Cycle of Conflict
Infographic of the Week: "We need food and shelter, but education is what will give us the skills to rebuild communities."
July 25, 2014 by GPE Secretariat
2 minutes read

If an earthquake strikes and displaces thousands of people, their immediate needs are to find shelter and food. Similarly when a conflict breaks out, people first look for security in safe places.  But education shouldn’t be forgotten, because it gives children going through these difficult times a sense of normalcy. Education helps children and young people to develop perspectives on how to make communities better when they grow up.

This infographic was created during the session "Education in Fragile Contexts: Turning Policy into Action" at the GPE Replenishment Conference in Brussels.

The session issued a call to action urging participants to address 3 barriers: 

  • Increase financing to education in emergencies
  • Keep schools safe from attack
  • Integrate emergency prevention in education plans and budgets.

(Click here for a detailed version of the infographic.) 

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