Julia Gillard included in the list of BBC 100 women for 2018
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GPE’s Board Chair was included in this year’s list of 100 most influential and inspirational women by BBC News.
November 23, 2018 by GPE Secretariat|
Julia Gillard visited a school in Malawi
CREDIT: GPE/Ludovica Pelliciolli

We are very proud that GPE’s Board Chair Julia Gillard was included in this year’s list of 100 most influential and inspirational women by BBC News.

The list of 100 women for 2018 includes leaders, trailblazers and everyday heroes ranging in age from 15 to 94 and representing more than 60 countries. The BBC News website states that, “Julia was Australia's first female prime minister and now promotes education and leadership for women and girls.”

We feel proud that Julia Gillard has been the Chair of the GPE Board of Directors since 2014. In this role, she has helped to significantly raise GPE’s profile as well as mobilized increased political and financial support.

Her passion for education has encouraged her to advocate tirelessly for all children, and especially girls, in the world’s poorest countries to ensure they are given equal chances in life through a quality education.

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A great recognition and honour for lifelong hard work and achievement especially dedication and resolve to promote the noble cause of education around the globe. Heartiest Congratulations

Thanks Julia, i like the truth and one of the policies os South Africa says that ' All children have the right to the right to get quality education" i were compering with my in my school, they not getting that education. Good lucky to those who were taken by Julia. Thank you

Congratulations Julia, there`s still so much to do at policy level as well as on the ground, not only in schools but even more so in the non-formal sector. I look forward to working together. Best wishes, Amina

Congratulations Julia. Let's keep ensuring children get access to quality and affordable education.

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