Malala Joins Global Partnership as Champion

Education is the right of every girl, every human being, says Malala

Credit: GPE/Sarah Beeching

Malala Yousafzai has joined a group of global education advocates, adding her voice to support the Global Partnership for Education's work in almost 60 low-income countries to ensure every child receives a quality, basic education.

“Education is the right of every girl, every human being. I'm proud to be a Champion for the Global Partnership for Education Replenishment. It is only when the voices of young people are heard by our world leaders that we will achieve our goal of children everywhere in school and learning, no matter where they live," said Malala. 

As a GPE Replenishment Champion, Malala will be speaking up for the rights of children, especially girls, to an education – and urging governments, business and civil society to work together to fulfil the long-standing pledge of delivering education for all.

Malala Fund will support youth delegates at GPE Replenishment

The Malala Fund announced a grant to support a first-ever Youth Delegation of 12 young advocates to attend the Second Replenishment Conference of the Global Partnership for Education in Brussels on 25-26 June 2014. 

“I am grateful that the Malala Fund is helping bring other young advocates from developing countries to the summit in Brussels,” said Malala. Participants supported by the Malala Fund include youth activists from Pakistan, Tanzania, Kenya, Guyana, the Philippines, India, Zimbabwe and Bangladesh. They will join 500 global education leaders, education ministers, experts, and representatives from donor countries, NGOs, multilateral organizations and the private sector to address the dip in global education financing. 

Malala added: "I believe all countries can do more: rich countries must do their part and keep their promises, and developing countries must give more of their own budgets to education.  And if we say girls count, then we must count girls, so we can see if we are really making progress in educating every girl.  Every student knows what it is like to take an exam. I hope world leaders will pass their own test and resolve to keep their promises, not just at the summit, but every day, in every country, in every classroom. "

For the upcoming Replenishment, the funding target for 2015 to 2018 is US $3.5 billion, which will ensure that annual school costs of 29 million children in 66 low-income countries worldwide can be met. Developing country partners will be asked to pledge an increase of their education spending to 20 percent of their national budgets. NGOs, multilaterals, private-sector institutions and others will pledge further funding and in-kind assistance to get more of the world’s children in school and ensure they get a good education.

Julia Gillard, board chair of the Global Partnership for Education and former Prime Minister of Australia said: “We are delighted and honored to have Malala join our distinguished group of education advocates in support of the Global Partnership for Education. With Malala’s determination and passion for education, she is a role model for children and youth all over the world and will be a wonderful partner to work with.”


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