Meet Our Education Advocates

The Global Partnership for Education has been privileged to work with education advocates who have called for political action to ensure that every child realizes their right to quality basic education and the domestic and external financing that is needed to achieve this goal.

May 22, 2014 by Alice Albright, Global Partnership for Education
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Credit:UNICEF Burundi/Colfs

Since launching our second replenishment campaign at the United Nations General Assembly in September 2013, the Global Partnership for Education has been privileged to work with many passionate advocates for education who have joined their voices to call for two things:

  • political will to ensure that every child realizes their right to a quality basic education and
  • domestic and external financing needed to make sure we can reach this goal.

Who Are Our Education Advocates?

The global education advocates are a group of global leaders, education ministers, representatives from the private sector and youth advocates who have been working with the Global Partnership for Education to ensure a successful replenishment and a revitalized education agenda for the post-2015 era.

Amongst our education advocates are:

Gordon Brown, UN Special Envoy for Education: “Supporting the GPE Fund because delivering results for out-of-school children is an essential aim in our quest for increased financing, improved delivery systems and heightened political will to make education a reality for every child.”

Jacob Kragh, President of LEGO Education: LEGO Education supports GPE’s dedication towards delivering good quality education to all children so that they can fulfill their potential and contribute to their societies. LEGO Education supports the GPE Replenishment by actively raising awareness about the GPE vision.”

Andris Piebalgs, European Union Commissioner for Development: “The Global Partnership for Education plays a key role in helping countries to provide quality education, right through from the primary to the secondary level. That's why the European Union is proud to give the Global Replenishment Conference its full support – we know that every euro provided will help to make a difference in young people's lives and provide a brighter future.”

Ato Shiferaw Shigutie, Minister of Education, Ethiopia: “The Global Partnership for Education along with other development partners is helping Ethiopia to further broaden access, boost quality and ensure learning for all children and youth. As a proud champion of the Global Partnership’s second replenishment, I call on all partners to commit to increase global education financing at the GPE Replenishment Pledging Conference in Brussels”

Bertheline Nina Tchangoue, Youth Advocate,  United Nations Global Education First Initiative
"From personal experience I know education is most powerful tool for empowering young people around the world, especially girls, to fully realize their potential. I support the GPE Replenishment because it is a unique opportunity for governments, the private sector, civil society, teachers and youth to come together to publicly pledge to improve education for children around the world and my country, Cameroon"

Meet all of our education advocates on our new webpage.

What our education advocates do

The education advocates have engaged in bilateral advocacy between governments, within their own governments, appear at public events, and highlight global education needs through media engagements.

These activities have allowed a diverse group of passionate individuals, representing all aspects of the Global Partnership, to articulate the value-added of the Global Partnership at both the global and local levels.

All of our education champions share the belief that strong education systems can play a transformational role – not only in the lives of children, but in the sustainable and long-term development of nations. They also hold a shared respect for the values promoted by the Global Partnership’s model and a belief in the Partnership’s ability to affect change.

Visit our website to learn more about the education advocates. Check in often as we have new education advocates joining us each week.

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