A new chapter for GPE

2022 marks a new chapter for GPE. Over the past 20 years, GPE has been supporting partner countries around the world to transform their education systems.

January 24, 2022 by GPE Secretariat
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GPE 20th anniversary logo
GPE 20th anniversary logo

2022 marks a new chapter for GPE.

Ever since its establishment in 2002, the Global Partnership for Education has been financing and supporting lasting change in education so that countries can capitalize on the opportunities of the 21st century.

Today, 20 years after it was established, GPE’s vision remains the same: a quality education for every child.

Over the past 20 years, GPE has been supporting partner countries around the world to transform their education systems. We help governments get the most vulnerable girls and boys in school, improve teaching and learning, and build resilience to withstand shocks and adapt to new challenges.

We also mobilize new and innovative partnerships and investments that transform education systems in developing countries, leaving no one behind.

GPE’s unique model gets results. Since 2002:

  • 160 million more children are in school in partner countries, and more children are completing primary and lower-secondary school.
  • Twice as many girls are enrolled in school, and girls are now just as likely to finish school as boys in three quarters of GPE partner countries.
  • 67 million more students have access to professionally trained teachers.
  • Governments have saved more than $6 billion through more efficient education spending, freeing up more funds to invest in education for the most marginalized.
  • We’ve helped governments continue to sustain education systems through crises. Most recently, we mobilized more than $500 million to keep children learning amid the disruptions caused by COVID-19.

Yet, we have just begun.

We will continue to work to deliver quality education so that every girl and boy can have hope, opportunity and agency.

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I wish to congratulate the GPE for their continued efforts and support in the training and retraining of teachers for quality education delivery including education in emergency states

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