Webinar: Teacher Professional Development in Fragile Countries

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Teacher professional development is in crisis. In the world’s poorest and most fragile contexts—where teachers need the very best professional development (PD)— they often receive either no professional development or it is  of low quality or limited duration.  This poor state of professional development in fragile contexts has other confounding factors—teachers lack the skills and supports to deal with issues of trauma and conflict exhibited by students (and from which they too suffer). The knowledge base on effective professional development in fragile contexts is under-theorized and under-developed.

Teacher professional development in fragile contexts: A guide for policymakers and planners represents one of the first comprehensive examinations of and guides for providing quality professional development to teachers in fragile contexts. The guide was edited by Mary Burns and James Lawrie and published by the Interagency Network for Education in Emergencies.

In this webinar, Mary Burns of the Education Development Center, the guide’s principal author, will discuss several key themes that have emerged from this research on teacher professional development in fragile contexts.

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Presenter Biography

Mary Burns is a senior technology and professional development specialist at the Education Development Center (EDC) and a monthly contributor to GPE’s Education for All Blog.  Since 1984, she has worked as a teacher, instructional coach, curriculum developer, researcher, technology specialist, professional development provider, and evaluator primarily in the area of technology. She has worked with teachers and students across all continents, all levels from K-16, across a range of subject areas, and in a range of technologies (from interactive radio instruction to online learning).

Her body of work traverses multiple levels of the educational system. She has led EDC’s teacher professional development and blended learning activities with teacher training colleges in Pakistan; worked as a professional development provider and school-based coach in schools in  the United States, Latin America, Asia and Africa; authored national technology plans and online learning strategies and programs for the governments of Pakistan, Lebanon, Ecuador and Indonesia; researched the efficacy of virtual schools for the US Department of Education; and designed, developed, and carried out online, blended and face-to-face professional development with teachers and teacher educators across the globe.

Mary has co-authored three books and more than 70 articles, book chapters and monographs on ICT-mediated teacher professional development. She has blogged about technology and teacher professional development and has organized online forums for the World Bank and the Interagency Network for Education in Emergencies.

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