Board meeting. June 2018

The Board of Directors of GPE meets in Brussels on June 12-14, 2018. 

Documents and Presentations

Board decisions

Board documents and presentations

Board meeting agenda. June 2018
Consent agenda. June 2018
Chief Executive Officer’s report to the Board of Directors. June 2018
Overview of the findings of the GPE Results Report 2018. June 2018
Draft synthesis of GPE Results Report 2018. June 2018
Actions to address areas for improvement identified in the 2018 Results Report. June 2018
Reducing transaction costs and improving efficiency of ESPIGs approval processes. June 2018
Effective partnership review. June 2018
Examination of key actors’ roles in GPE’s country-level operational model (Vol. 1). Draft. June 2018
Examination of key actors’ roles in GPE’s country-level operational model towards GPE 2020 delivery (Vol. 2). Draft. June 2018
Financial forecast. June 2018
GPE Multiplier: options for scaling up, eligibility, allocation model, and improving operations. June 2018
GPE priorities for CEO performance feedback 2018/2019. June 2018
Secretariat work plan, budget and updated Strategic Plan implementation plan FY2019-2021. June 2018
Risk management report #7. June 2018
Operational risk framework. June 2018
Presentation: risk framework review. June 2018
Institutional arrangements. June 2018
Secretariat’s Response to the Effective Partnership Review. June 2018
Decision language. June 2018
GPE private sector strategy : principles, goals & objectives. June 2018
Report to the board from the strategy and impact committee. June 2018
Report from the Grants and Performance Committee part 1
Operational capabilities. June 2018
Education Sector Investment Case (Update). June 2018
Overview of 2018 results report: key findings
Effective and efficient partnerships study. June 2018
Board of Directors risk management. June 2018
GPE Coordinating Agency: Opportunities, Challenges and Forward Look from UNICEF's Perspectives
Board Meetings