Statement by the Chair of the Board of Directors on new institutional arrangements for GPE

Global Partnership for Education Board of Directors Meeting December 2018 Dublin Ireland. Credit: GPE/Liang Cai

An ambitious foundation for a new global architecture to drive quality education for children in developing countries

The global movement to ensure all children get a quality education received a major boost today with the opening of a new era for the Global Partnership for Education (GPE).  The Board of Directors, meeting in the Irish capital, Dublin, decided on a major reset of GPE’s organization and governance.  The partnership will now have the capacity to better unite new global education initiatives and to harness the political momentum that is driving urgent action to address the education crisis in the developing world.

The Board’s decision concludes dynamic negotiations between the GPE Board and GPE’s administrative host, the World Bank, and sets out new levels of operational independence for GPE.  It combines a range of new capabilities with the synergies that come with being hosted by a leading global development organization that is also a key strategic collaborator in the partnership.

It represents not just a vote of confidence in ambition for the Global Partnership for Education but a brighter future for the expanding global education sector in international development.  

The GPE Board meeting caps a monumental year for global education with donor governments pledging significant new finance to improve education outcomes for children in developing countries.  In February, donors committed US$2.3 billion to support GPE programs over the coming three years and since then an additional US$250 million has been pledged by donors. Education has been on center stage at major global forums from the United Nations to the G7 and G20. 

Having considered the alternative option of ‘de-hosting’ and establishing a separate legal entity for GPE, the Board decided that GPE’s ambition was best supported by being able to draw on the services and support of the World Bank.  The Board welcomed expressions of interest received from the Governments of France and Switzerland and decided to explore options for expanding the GPE Secretariat’s presence outside of Washington DC.

The full decision of the Board can be found here.

Global Partnership for Education Board of Directors Meeting December 2018 Dublin Ireland. Credit: GPE/Liang Cai

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