GPE warns of fraud schemes using its name

In light of a resurgence of emails and text messages misusing the GPE name, we are warning against any invitation, payment request or advance fee scheme that fraudulently invokes the organization’s name or claim to be affiliated with GPE.

A recurring deceiving email that some partners have received is an invitation to an international conference on child abuse that would be taking place in Washington DC. GPE is not organizing or cooperating with others for such an event.

Like many large organizations, we have seen an increase in the use of sophisticated forms, letterheads and emails that appear to be legitimate GPE correspondence. GPE’s name is falsely invoked to give the scheme the appearance of authenticity.

In some cases, the wrongdoers may use the names of actual staff members, either through emails or text messages, to bolster the credibility of the scam.

These fraud schemes may encourage recipients to provide personal information such as signatures or bank account information, perform a financial transaction, or to click on links that may provide access to malware (viruses infecting the user’s computer).

GPE has no involvement in such schemes, and we would like to caution the public to be wary of these and other similar solicitations that falsely claim to be affiliated with GPE.

This webpage put together by the World Bank Group, which hosts the GPE Secretariat, provides guidance on how individuals and businesses can safeguard themselves from such fraudulent schemes.

GPE will not request your personal information. We recommend not to engage in any exchange with the person(s) sending these solicitations, to flag such email addresses or phone numbers as spam and report them through your email/cellular service provider, and not to provide any financial or personal details.

To report a potential fraud scheme using GPE’s name, please forward the message you received to @email with “Fraud alert” in the subject line.


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