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Aid to education

The Directorate-General for International Cooperation is responsible for the Netherlands’ development cooperation policy, its coordination, implementation, and funding.

Despite education is not a development priority, it is considered a cross-cutting theme of the four stated priorities outlined in the 2013 development cooperation strategy paper:

  1. Security and the rule of law
  2. Water
  3. Food and security
  4. Sexual and Reproductive health and rights.

In 2015, the top five recipients of Dutch ODA for basic education were: Pakistan, Burundi, South Africa, Mali, and Egypt.

Netherlands and GPE

The Netherlands is part of the Donor 1 constituency on the GPE Board, together with BelgiumLuxembourgRussia, and Switzerland.

The Netherlands was one of the donors that helped create GPE (formerly Education for All – Fast Track Initiative) in 2002.

Last updated December 11, 2017