A ray of hope in Yemen as schools reopen

Photo of the week: Some schools are welcoming back children who had been forced to stay home since the violence started

November 06, 2015 by GPE Secretariat
2 minutes read
Children are back in school in Yemen. Credit: GIZ

This week, some schools have reopened in Yemen, welcoming back children who had been forced to stay home since the violence started.

The school re-opening is a testament to the resolve of the ministry of education and its partners to ensure that children do not lose a whole school year because of the conflict.

However, the good news must be tempered by other sobering facts: not all schools have re-opened, and enormous transportation problems remain to get children to school due to fuel scarcity, especially in remote areas.

Security issues remain widespread, which means that many students still cannot attend class.

A portion of the current US$72.6 million GPE grant to Yemen is being used for emergency interventions, such as psychosocial support to children, emergency reconstruction and rehabilitation of school buildings, and provision of basic school supplies such as notebooks, pens and pencils and bags.

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