Webinar: Tayari: Ready for Math! An early childhood math approach

Join a numeracy webinar on Wednesday, December 7, 2016 at 10:00 am EST

Children and their teacher working with numbers at an early childhood education workshop in Zanzibar, Tanzania. Credit: Robin Baptista

The Tayari Program is charged with developing a tested, cost-effective and scalable model of early childhood education (ECE). It is currently being piloted in ECE centers in Kenya, targeting 4-6 year-old children.

Tayari includes classroom materials for teachers and students, teacher training and ongoing in-classroom support, and a health component. In this webinar, we will focus on the mathematics classroom materials, and illustrate the collaborative process of developing teacher guides and student activity books that are aligned to the Kenyan ECE Syllabus.

We will share our process of creating materials beginning with identifying core skills and aligning these skills to the Kenyan ECE Syllabus, defining our scope and sequence, creating developmentally appropriate activities for math, and designing the teacher’s guide for ease of use by teachers.

Domnick Okullo is an early grade educator with RTI International based in Kenya. Domnick has spent 6 years as a teacher trainer for early grade programs. Domnick has specifically spent the last 4 years designing and writing early grade math books for both teachers and learners. Currently Domnick leads the Mathematics team in the Tayari program in the design of math materials for the early childhood school readiness program. 

Dr. Yasmin Sitabkhan is an education researcher with RTI International, and has spent the past 17 years in the field of education, beginning as a primary school teacher and charter school administrator after which she transitioned to the role of a researcher, teacher trainer, and curriculum developer. Dr. Sitabkhan has worked on numerous projects that promote a deeper understanding of teaching and learning mathematics at the early childhood and primary school levels. She currently provides technical expertise in mathematics in early childhood through Grade 3 to various projects, and conducts research investigating the capacities of students, teachers, and schools in early math. 

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