Students using the pilot versions of the new math and science textbooks. Credit: JICA
April 11, 2019
A new program supported by GPE and partners aims to improve primary students' learning outcomes in math and science, especially in the low performing provinces.
A government school on the outskirts of Juba, South Sudan. Credit: GPE/David K. Bridges
March 20, 2019
Japan is providing a new assistance package of US$25 million to South Sudan in partnership with international organizations like the Global Partnership for Education, through which US$1.5 million...
Nana, 5th grade student in Niger. Credit: Akiko Kageyama of JICA. Credit: Akiko Kageyama of JICA
January 28, 2019
In their own words, children in Niger share their thoughts about learning math.
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Aid to education

The Overseas Economic Cooperation Council is responsible for the overall strategic direction of Japan’s ODA policy. Under this umbrella, the Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and Ministry of Economy, Trade, and Industry propose and recommend aid policies while the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) and the Japan Bank for International Cooperation (JBIC) implement the aid program.

Both JICA and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs consider education as a key development sector and an integral part of their efforts to promote human security in developing countries.

Japan and GPE

Japan is part of the Donor 6 constituency on the GPE Board, together with AustraliaKorea, and the United States.

In 2017, Japan provided additional support to the GPE Fund in support of emergency education for displaced children in Chad. 

* Japan's pledge covers 2018 only

Last updated January 25, 2019