COVID-19 response

Allocation: US$20 million

Years: 2020-2022

Grant agent: World Bank

Key documents:

The US$20 million COVID-19 grant will:

  • Strengthen the federal and provincial governments’ institutional capacity to respond to, and recover from, the COVID-19 crisis, and build resilience to face future crises, with a focus on disadvantaged areas and vulnerable populations
  • Offer school children a wide range of distance learning channels - TV, TeleSchool, radio, print media, social media, and mobile applications - and distribute learning materials to students living in remote areas
  • Support the design and implementation of an inclusive distance learning certification pathway to target the 19.1 million out-of-school children and those who would leave schools due to the negative shocks to household income caused by COVID-19
  • Focus on vulnerable populations, concentrated mostly in remote areas of the country, and especially girls who are especially prone to dropping out of school as a result of socioeconomic shocks and have lower access to technology equipment such as mobile/tablet/TV/radio
  • Train teachers in remedial education, distance learning strategies and learning assessments to effectively support children’s education
  • Provide schools with basic sanitization and hygiene supplies to ensure they meet standards
  • Supply students with learning materials to encourage them to return to school.

These initiatives are based on the Ministry of Education’s COVID-19 response plan.

In late March 2020, the UNICEF office in Pakistan received a GPE grant of US$140,000 to support the Ministry of Education with developing a national response and recovery plan.

Education in Pakistan

The delivery of education services in Pakistan is severely impacted by economic, political and security challenges that the country has been facing for some years.

The 18th Amendment to the Constitution of Pakistan, approved in 2010, devolved responsibility for education delivery and spending to provincial governments. The federal ministry retains some limited mandates, mainly in curriculum development, accreditation and the financing of research and development.

Blogs and news

January 10, 2019
GPE grants US$1.3 million to support education planning
The Global Partnership for Education Secretariat has approved grants totaling more than US$1.3 million to support education sector analysis and planning, as well as education program development in Chad,...

Latest grants

Year 6 student Rimsha Farooq reads during class at Khinger Khurd school, Punjab Province, Pakistan. Sept. 2012. Credit STARS/Kristian Buus


All amounts are in US dollars.

Grant type Years Allocations Utilization Grant agent  
COVID-19 2020-2022 20,000,000 0 WB  
Program implementation 2021-2026 20,006,250 1,116,660 UNICEF  
2015-2019 34,000,000 34,000,000 WB Progress report
Sector plan development 2018-2020 460,350 460,350 UNICEF  
Program development 2020-2021 143,860 143,860 UNICEF  
Khyber Pakhtunkhwa
Program implementation 2021-2026 23,256,250 1,942,883 UNICEF  
Sector plan development 2019-2020 500,000 500,000 FCDO  
Program development 2021-2022 84,244 84,244 UNICEF  
2020-2021 165,885 165,885 FCDO  
Program implementation 2022-2026 50,625,000 801,761 UNICEF  
Sector plan development 2017-2019 499,900 499,900 FCDO  
Program development 2021-2022 101,248 101,248 UNICEF  
2019-2020 191,506 191,506 FCDO  
Program implementation and Multiplier 2021-2026 56,112,500 1,645,759 WB Progress report
Program implementation 2015-2017 65,730,921 65,730,921 WB Completion report
Sector plan development 2017-2019 498,465 498,465 WB  
2012-2014 241,187 241,187 UNICEF  
Program development 2019-2020 200,000 199,529 WB  
2013-2014 188,092 188,092 WB  
  Total 273,005,658 108,512,250    
Data last updated: May 26, 2023

As part of its investment in civil society advocacy and social accountability efforts, GPE’s Education Out Loud fund is supporting the Society for Access to Quality Education for the 2019-2021 period.

This builds on 11 years of Civil Society Education Fund (CSEF) support to national education coalitions for their engagement in education sector policy dialogue.

GPE had provided the Society for Access to Quality Education with a grant from the CSEF to support its engagement in education sector policy dialogue and citizens’ voice in education quality, equity, and financing and sector reform.

Last updated September 19, 2022