A classroom at Hidassi School in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Credit: GPE/Midastouch
February 14, 2019
GPE is piloting a new approach to help partner countries strengthen their learning assessment system. It all starts with a good diagnostic.
A classroom in Kandahar, Afghanistan. Credit: GPE/Jawad Jalali
August 08, 2018
Education Cannot Wait is off to a strong start, having exceeded its initial fundraising targets, and gearing up to launch three multi-year programs in Uganda, Afghanistan, and Bangladesh.
Class 8 students (second year of lower secondary school), pose for a picture. Credit GPE/Kelley Lynch
April 18, 2018
The Australian Government recognizes the importance of investing in girls’ education and has an ongoing commitment to be at the forefront of efforts promoting gender equality including by increasing...
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Aid to education

In Australia, foreign aid policy is led by the Minister for Foreign Affairs, along with the Minister for International Development and the Pacific. The Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade is in charge of development activities.

Australia’s education programs are guided by the “Strategy for Australia’s aid investment in education 2015-2020”.  

Investments in education focus on four strategic priorities:

  • Getting the foundations right: participating in early childhood development
  • Learning for all: improving learning outcomes and improving the quality of education
  • Universal participation: with a particular focus on including girls and children with disabilities
  • Skills for prosperity: improving access to high-quality, post-secondary education and training

In 2015, the top recipients of Australia’s aid to basic education were: Philippines, Bangladesh, Kiribati, and Lao PDR.

Australia and GPE

Australia is the alternate Board member of the Donor 6 constituency on the GPE Board. Japan, Korea, and the United States are also members of this constituency. Australia also sits on the Strategy and Impact Committee.

Australia’s 2015-2020 education strategy highlights investment in the Global Partnership for Education, noting the importance of GPE supporting children in countries affected by fragility and conflict.

Last updated January 25, 2019