The Secretariat provides administrative and operational support to the partnership and facilitates collaboration with all partners.

The Secretariat is housed in Washington, DC and includes about 100 staff working in four teams. Click on a box to view the team managers:

CEO - Front Office Country Support Strategy, Policy and Performance Partnerships and External Relations Operations

Front Office

Alice Albright
Alex Palacios
Sally-Anne Henfry
Deputy Chief of Staff and Advisor to the Board Chair

Country Support

Margarita Focas Licht
Country Support Team Manager
Matthew Smith

Strategy, Policy and Performance

Karen Mundy
Chief Technical Officer
Jean-Marc Bernard
Deputy Chief Technical Officer

Partnerships & External Relations

Charles Tapp
Manager, Partnerships and External Relations
Geoffrey Adlide
Senior Communications Officer. Communications & Advocacy Team Lead
Michelle Mesen
Southern Partnerships and External Relations Lead
Karen Schroh
Senior Donor Relations Officer. Donor Relations Team Lead

Finance and Operations

Padraig Power
Chief Finance and Operations Officer
M. Ruth Dantzer