Blog series: Foundational learning as key to transform education

Views on the importance of foundational learning to give today’s students the skills they will need to thrive in the world of tomorrow.

June 23, 2023 by GPE Secretariat
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Students play with blocks and other materials at Aranaputa nursery school, Region 9, Guyana. February 2023. Credit: GPE/Kelley Lynch
Students play with blocks and other materials at Aranaputa nursery school, Region 9, Guyana. February 2023.
Credit: GPE/Kelley Lynch

Foundational learning provides the essential building blocks for all other learning, knowledge and higher-order skills. Unfortunately, still too many children in GPE partner countries are not acquiring these skills, making them unlikely to succeed in later grades or achieve their full potential.

Ensuring foundational learning for all appears to be one of the most critical and cost-effective investments a country can make in its people and overall development.

In this blog series, experts and practitioners present their views on the importance of foundational learning; the needs, solutions and opportunities to support it, with lessons drawn from experiences.

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We have been helping a number of local governments in Papua to improve teaching and learning process at their primary schools. The number of schools that we have intervene are increasing every year, but there are still many school don’t have the chance. How can we work with PPE to solve this issue?

This is a good initiative because, from the age of 1 to 6 years is a very critical stage in a child’s growth and development. Whatever the child comes into contact with becomes part of him or her forever and very difficult to change. It requires professional skills in Child Psychology and in health. This is not a position for laymen . 😎
Thank you.

Zimbabwe is one of the countries in Southern Africa and needs this program to assist the marginalised children within the rural communities. I am passionate about the wellbeing of children for they are the future of our nations.

A big thank you to GPE for all the great work you are continuously doing globally in education. Was wondering if GPE will continue supporting schools in my country Sierra Leone and what recommendations you can give an NGO supporting primary and secondary schools here.

In reply to by Tamba Gbamanja

Thank you for your comment.  Yes, GPE will continue to support Sierra Leone. Visit our country page here to learn about the focus of our support, in line with the strategy of the government:

Chantal / GPE Secretariat

Yes please, you are doing very good job for humanitarian to the community development to reduce stigma and poverty in the community development. We need to be a community school of kids and youths to participate in the system for same to support education in community education to educate orphans and vulnerable including youths and widows in the community.
Kalomboka need support for the community.

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