A bold new brand to transform education

The new brand vision and visual identity reflect GPE’s high ambitions and sharp focus on ending the global learning crisis.

August 31, 2020 by GPE Secretariat
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Primary school children in N'jamena, Chad. February 2019. Credit: GPE/ Carine Durand
Primary school children in N'jamena, Chad. February 2019
Credit: Credit: GPE/Carine Durand

We are very excited to unveil the new GPE brand!

Confronting the learning crisis requires a bold and transformative approach – a shift from business as usual.

As the Global Partnership for Education prepares its ambitious new strategic plan, GPE 2025, it is also launching a new brand.

Together, they represent GPE’s promise to accelerate a transformative shift in education in partner countries, so that every girl and every boy gets the quality education they need to unlock their potential and contribute to building a more peaceful, prosperous and sustainable world.

The new brand was developed through consultation, analysis and review, and with the help of many GPE partners. It encompasses the unique values and principles that guide GPE’s work to mobilize transformative partnerships and investments so that education systems in partner countries leave no one behind.

Alongside the new vision and mission adopted by the Board of Directors in June, the new brand will bolster GPE's convening power among education actors worldwide.

Vision: A quality education for every child

Mission: To mobilize partnerships and investments that transform education systems in developing countries, leaving no one behind

GPE new logo

Our new logo, using the shorter version of our name, GPE, represents the concept of transformation, with the arrow pointing up symbolyzing the path to more equitable and quality education for all children.

The new slogan "Transforming Education" positions GPE as an inspiring leader, uniting all actors commited to providing a quality education to every girl and boy.

The two new primary colors were selected to represent trust, strength, knowledge (blue) and growth, energy and hope (green).

We hope you like the new brand and agree that it places all of us who are part of this partnership on an ambitious new path of progress to achieve SDG 4, a quality education for every child. You can access the new style guide and logos on our our Branding page.

Feel free to add your views on the new GPE brand in the comments below.

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I hope that the 'branding' has positive impact and not merely more 'packaging'

Hi, they are all good sentiments. I'm just interested to know how much the re-branding exercise cost, who carried it out and the evidence-base for it being better than the previous brand. Thanks.

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