GPE webinar series: Data must speak initiative

A way to strengthen system management and social accountability

A teacher helps a student during class in Tajikistan. Credit: GPE/Carine Durand

A teacher helps a student during class in Tajikistan.

CREDIT: GPE/Carine Durand

The GPE webinar series started in May 2016. It aims to foster and drive knowledge exchange and sharing of good practices across and through the partnership, supporting the partnership's strategic goals as well as national and global objectives.

Providing a platform to share knowledge, solutions and innovations to help drive in-country results. The webinar series forms part of GPE's overall approach and broader work in knowledge and innovation.

Data must speak initiative

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The webinar about the "Data Must Speak Initiative" highlights that better use of data and feedback tools can improve education system management, particularly on the equity dimension, and enhance social accountability through community participation.

The webinar will highlight the initiative’s key principles and objectives, as well as its implementation and how it links with the education sector planning processes in participating countries. Countries will highlight their experiences with the initiative.

Broadcast via YouTube, webinar participants will be able to engage in live chat discussions with the presenters on the challenges and achievements of the Data Must Speak Initiative, which has been supported by GPE through its Global and Regional Activities program. A webinar on the same theme was hosted for French-speaking participants in May 2017 profiling francophone partner countries. You can watch the recording here.

Responding to our partners’ call

The webinar series responds to requests from GPE partner countries and other partners for opportunities to exchange and share knowledge to inform policies and practices at the country level.

Webinar topics are selected based on country priorities and their focus on systems strengthening, equity, learning, inclusion, and building a stronger partnership.

The success of the GPE webinar series has been its ability to bring strong country level presentations and technical collaborations with other agencies to a wide audience of GPE partners at the country and global levels for a continuous exchange of perspectives, knowledge, and practices

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The series has discussed topics including textbook provision for every child, early childhood care and education, national education accounts, GPE 2020, GPE’s gender equality policy and strategy, the Education Commission report, the Civil Society Education Fund (CSEF) and support to education in fragile and conflict-affected situations.

Future topics will cover disability and inclusion, joint sector reviews, and teaching and learning to name a few. All webinar is broadcast with simultaneous interpretation in English and French for maximum audience participation, and are advertised via Twitter, and Facebook.

Previous webinars can be viewed on the GPE Webinar’s YouTube channel. Also, check out our webinar related blogs.

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