The United States confirms support to global education with the READ Act
The READ Act signed into law in Washington, DC earlier this month, will ensure that U.S. investments in global basic education have the greatest impact, while advancing quality education services for children affected by conflict and emergencies.
September 26, 2017 by Crickett Nicovich, RESULTS
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Morning Class in Kwame, Ghana. Credit: GPE/Stephan Bachenheimer
Morning Class in Kwame, Ghana.
GPE/Stephan Bachenheimer

The READ Act (Reinforcing Education Accountability in Development Act) was signed into law in Washington, DC earlier this month. Despite little public fanfare, the global education community watched with excitement: this was the culmination of thirteen years of work by advocates across the United States and champions on Capitol Hill, the timespan of a K-12 education and a child’s high school graduation! And with this legislative victory comes the chance at a better education and a bright future for millions of children.

The READ Act will ensure that U.S. investments in global basic education have the greatest impact, while advancing quality education services for children affected by conflict and emergencies.

It will also strengthen the accountability and transparency of global education programs to help ensure that every dollar is spent effectively. The passage of this law will help improve the lives of millions of children who do not have access to quality education around the world. Many more children will have the opportunity to reach their full potential, even having graduation days of their own.

Representatives Nita Lowey and Dave Reichert, and Senators Marco Rubio and Dick Durbin led efforts on the legislation in the House and Senate respectively. We are extremely grateful for their support to this very important legislation.

This effort to improve and build on the U.S.’s global education policy will continue to benefit communities and nations the world over for years to come. This remarkable victory was made possible by strong bipartisan support in both the House and the Senate and by the persistent efforts of RESULTS’ grassroots advocates and many other partners across the United States.

RESULTS is a non-partisan advocacy group that supports a movement of passionate, committed everyday people who use their voices to influence political decisions that will bring an end to poverty. This movement of volunteers is backed by a staff of researchers, policy analysts, and legislative and media experts.

The next step

Now that the READ Act has passed into law, we’re calling on the U.S. government to make a bold financial commitment to GPE’s multi-year strategy. Congress and the Administration should build on the progress achieved with the READ Act and turn their attention to a new plan to give 25 million more children the quality education they deserve through the Global Partnership for Education.

The Global Partnership for Education is replenishing its fund for the 2018-2020 period, aiming to become a US$2 billion a year operation by 2020. A successful replenishment will mean that GPE is able to provide support in up to 89 countries, home to 78% of the out-of-school children and youth.

Having the READ Act passed into law is a landmark for the global education – but this work is far from over. With enormous gratitude to everyone who made this victory possible, let’s continue the work to ensure that all children have access to a quality education.

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