Effective joint sector reviews as (mutual) accountability platforms

This paper examines the ways in which joint sector reviews (JSRs) contribute to the development of mutual accountability in an aid environment and may be most effective as instruments of a domestic policy cycle.

Using a wide variety of sources, including an extended literature review, interviews with key education stakeholders in five countries and data collected from a desk-based analysis of 39 JSRs, the paper addresses two questions: (1) How are JSRs perceived as promoting (mutual) accountability? and (2) How is mutual accountability likely to be affected by JSR effectiveness?

The research suggests a less unified understanding of mutual accountability across key stakeholders than is touted in international development rhetoric. The paper therefore offers a more nuanced model of mutual accountability and the ways in which this intersects with JSRs that encompasses an expanded understanding of responsibilities and channels of responsibility.

The research team identified 5 interconnected dimensions of effective JSRs that served as framework for analyzing 39 JSRs.

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