Optimizing education outcomes: High-return investments in school health for increased participation and learning

This report proposes a package of school health investments that can effectively address the most pressing health problems and health knowledge needs of school-age children in low- and lower-middle-income countries. It contains evidence that policy makers, practitioners, and planners can use to make the case for high-return, affordable school health interventions to improve not only school-age children’s health and development, but also their participation and learning. 

It also makes clear the synergies between education and health investments and outcomes, confirming that our efforts and resources must focus on both health and education to achieve further gains in human development and progress toward the Sustainable Development Goals. Long-term goals in health are unattainable without an educated population, and children cannot learn if they suffer from the effects of poor health and nutrition. 

Optimizing Education Outcomes: High-Return Investments in School Health for Increased Participation and Learning was developed by the Global Partnership for Education and Disease Control Priorities and published by the World Bank.


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