Key Results

Since 2002, GPE partners have achieved remarkable results and helped millions more children enroll in school for a quality education. Here are our most important results.
72 million
more children

were in primary school in 2015 in GPE partner countries compared to 2002
US$2.3 billion
in GPE grants

allocated to partner countries affected by fragility and conflict since 2003
65% of GPE partner countries with data showed
improved learning results
between 2000 and 2015
13.2 million

were supported by GPE in 2015 and 2016
76% of children completed primary school
in GPE partner countries in 2015 compared to 63% in 2002. 50% completed lower secondary compared to 38%
64% of GPE partner countries had
as many girls as boys
completing primary school in 2015
78% of GPE partner countries have
maintained their education budget
at or above 20% of public expenditure or increased their education budget in 2015
Close to 1/3 of GPE partner countries had an average of
1 trained teacher for 40 students
or less in 2014, up from 1/4 in 2013
100% of GPE partner countries report education key indicators or have a
good quality data strategy
as part of their sector plans
58% of GPE partner countries have
good quality education sector plans
or transitional education plans
Almost half of GPE donors have
maintained or increased their funding
for education since 2010
13 education best practice studies
were disseminated with funding or support by GPE in 2016 compared to 4 in 2015


Last updated August 30, 2017