Webinar: Using monitoring data to improve girls’ school participation
Children in school in Ethiopia - Credit: GPE/Midastouch

A key component of the Girls’ Education Challenge (GEC), launched by DFID, is the collection of data for project monitoring and evaluation that also provides wider insights into educational access, learning and inequalities. This webinar focused on how GEC projects are tracking and responding to attendance and drop out and improving inclusion through cycles of data use. 

Moderator: Stuart Cameron, Equity and Inclusion Thematic Lead, GPE Secretariat 


  • Rachel Booth, Gender Equality and Social Inclusion Manager at the Girls’ Education Challenge 

  • Mark Rotich, Project Director, Kenya - Education Development Trust

  • Ian Attfield, Senior Education Adviser, South Asia – DfID

  • Nabin Lamichhane, Program Manager (DfID Girls’ Education Challenge), Mercy Corps 

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Children in school in Ethiopia - Credit: GPE/Midastouch
Event type: Webinars
United Kingdom