5 reasons for $5+ billion: A message from young people to world leaders
Youth message to world leaders

A direct message from more than 100 youth network representatives in some of the world’s lowest-income countries.

World leaders, we have had this talk before, but it is now more urgent than ever. The transformation of our lives begins with the right to quality, inclusive and safe education. COVID-19 has put this right in further jeopardy.

We are at risk of not returning to school due to COVID-19. Prior to the pandemic, 258 million of us were out of school and this number may double.

We need your help, your financial help.

Accessible education should be a concern to all donors, governments and the private sector. We demand that you urgently finance GPE in this pivotal moment. There are 5 billion reasons why, but we want to name just five:

  1. Access to safe and inclusive education for all girls and marginalized genders increases gender equality.
  2. A gender-responsive curriculum and trained teachers of all genders prepares us for the realities of our world.
  3. Education has become virtual in every aspect, but we are lacking access to these digital tools. Digital skills are critical for education and the jobs of the future.
  4. Without your funding, inequalities remain part of our daily lives. We want to feel and see structural and sustained change.
  5. Education is a human right. We should all have access to education. No matter our class, gender identity, sexuality, ability and whether we live in conflict-affected or rural areas.

There can be no sustainable development if education is ruled out. Funding education through GPE’s replenishment will change our lives forever. You must raise your hand now.

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This message is included in Raise Your Hand, A Case for Investment

Youth message to world leaders

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