GPE Launches Open Data Project

New data webpages for 29 countries with thousands of education data points

The Global Partnership for Education today launched its Open Data Project, providing instant access to key education indicators and more than 11,000 data points from 29 GPE developing country partners.

The new country profiles are unique as they compare actual education results against national targets and reveal whether or not the government and GPE partners have made progress in getting more children into school, improving girls' access to education, or increasing the number of teachers.

"The Global Partnership for Education is now joining other international institutions and governments in the open data initiative," said Alice Albright, GPE's Chief Executive Officer. "By making our education datasets available to all, we are sending a powerful signal that we are committed to making our operations transparent and that we are serious about measuring our performance against very specific targets," she said.

The GPE Open Data project is a collaborative initiative spearheaded by GPE with support from the World Bank Development Data Group and the aid data organization Development Gateway.

For each country, the GPE Data catalog presents 57 indicators in 6 education categories encompassing key elements of each country's education sector, including domestic and external financing, learning outcomes and aid effectiveness indicators. Developing country partners played a central role in gathering and validating the data, which reflects their specific national education strategies and objectives.

GPE data is free to be used and distributed. Datasets can be downloaded in PDF and Excel formats on the GPE developing country profiles. Data visualizations can be embedded and shared through social media channels and exported for presentations or publications.

In the next few months, GPE will add 25 more country profiles once GPE developing country partners have collected and validated their data.

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